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Noxious Weed Posters

Utah Weed Supervisors and Utah State University Publish Noxious Weed Posters By: Jerry Caldwell, Kevin Bailey and Amber Mendenhall The Utah Weed Supervisors Association published a poster detailing identification for the Utah noxious weed list. Many county weed supervisors contributed to the creation of the poster. Special thanks to our collaborators, Utah State University and

Fall Feature:  FFA Tackles Spotted Knapweed for Ag. Issues By: Jolene Christensen and Amber Mendenhall The South Summit FFA in Kamas, Utah is taking on spotted knapweed in their community. A group of FFA students has chosen to tackle the spotted knapweed infestation near Kamas for their Agriculture Issues Forum in Career Development. Students from

New Monitoring Specialist

Invasive Species Mitigation Gets a New Monitoring Specialist The Utah Department of Agriculture (UDAF) has hired a new Vegetation Monitoring Specialist. Brittany Duncan will be the primary monitoring specialist for the Invasive Species Mitigation Program(ISM). Brittany will work closely alongside Jan Reinhart. Jan has been monitoring the ISM projects since the program began. Jan splits

Carol Randall

Award Recipient 2019 Biocontrol Award: Carol Randall, US Forest Service Carol is a vital part of biocontrol in Utah. Carol facilitates region wide coordination and helps Utah stay at the forefront of biocontrol. No matter how busy Carol is, (and she’s always busy), she takes time to make sure all of our needs are met. 

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Scott Pratt

Award Recipient 2019 Excellence in Industry: Scott Pratt, Providia Management Group Scott has an entrepreneurial vision. He has continued to innovate in the weed control field by using new equipment and technologies to improve efficiency. Scott has cooperated with multiple agencies across Utah in participation with difficult to solve weed issues. 

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Dagget County

Award Recipient 2019 Weed Board of the Year: Daggett County The Daggett County Weed Board held regular quarterly meetings and served as an active board through difficult times and big changes. As a board, all members take an active role in promoting weed awareness throughout the county. The weed board is united in support of

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Scott Ziedler

Award Recipient 2019 Outstanding Weed Worker: Scott Ziedler, Utah Division of Forestry Scott participates with the Weber River CWMA to promote healthy, weed free forests in Northern Utah. As a member of the CWMA, he has assisted landowners with advice, funding assistance and direct treatment of weeds. Last year Scott organized a spray day for

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Dave Bingham

Award Recipient 2019 Outstanding Weed Supervisor: Dave Bingham, Summit County Dave is past president of the UWCA, board member of the Utah Weed Supervisors and sits on the North American Invasive Species Management Association board. Dave is a driving force in the noxious weed community. He is involved in projects large and small from backpacks

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Aaron Eagar

Getting to Know Aaron Eagar, UDAF, Plant Industry, Noxious Weed Specialist Aaron Eagar recently accepted the position as Noxious Weed Specialist for the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food. Among his many duties, Aaron will oversee the ISM program. Aaron comes from the Utah County Weed Department where he spent the past twelve years. Aaron

Bracken Davis

Getting to Know Bracken Davis, UDAF, Plant Industry, Deputy Director Bracken Davis has worked for the Utah Department of Agriculture, Food and Conservation (UDAF) for nine years. He has recently taken the position of deputy director for the Division of Plant Industry. Bracken will oversee many programs including the noxious weed program for UDAF. When

New biocontrol monitoring forms have been released. Contact Joey Milan or Amber Mendenhall for more details.